My name is Edvardas and I am a Digital Marketing professional.

My goal is to assist your organization by helping you build and align your marketing and business strategies. Forget the time you hired someone to post messages on Facebook on behalf of your brand.

It is time to make sure you choose those marketing tactics that are the most applicable to your business.

It is vital to analyze the performance of your marketing actions and use this knowledge to enable your sales.

Having mastered such buzzwords as email marketing, social marketing, account-based marketing, pursuit marketing, event management, KPIs analysis & reporting I can bring my B2B expertise, which comes from both small and enterprise level backgrounds, to you.

Get in touch and let us meet for a cup of tea to discuss our cooperation opportunity.

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Some of my projects

In 2016, Baltic Information Society Analysis Centre, a Lithuanian NGO, published its first national Review of the E-Governance Quality at the Lithuanian Municipalities. I led the product's promotional marketing campaign, managed leads and ran the NGO's communications.

As a result of my actions, the NGO's leaders had 7 meetings with high government representatives, the review was mentioned many times by national and local media as well as on a radio broadcast, and referenced by other research works.

In 2016, CSC, an international IT corporation, decided to sponsor the Hacker Games Vilnius hackathon, organized by Startup Lithuania. The company's goal was to enhance its brand. I led CSC's actions.

As a result of my actions, the company's social media and engagement increased by 70% and 40% respectively, and its sponsorship was awarded as a TOP3 Sponsorship Project of the Year at the Mi:t&Links, international Baltic PR Awards held annually in Riga.

I have been hired by the Lithuanian Public Relations Specialists' Association (LRVS) and the Lithuanian Association of Public Relations Agencies (RSVA) to manage the communications of their annual international PR Impact Awards 2017 conference.

More details will follow.

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